Got hog jowel bacon,

onion, garlic, collard greens.*

Bake cornbread for “sop!”


  • (And, yes, there will be some nice apple cider vinegar to splash.  The cornbread will have cracklin’s, jalapenos and green onion bottoms since I splurged on the sweet onions for salads.  I pulled a few of my wild onions and will toss their greens into the fray, but the bottoms I soon will harvest – along with the wild garlic whose top-shoots like the wild onion cousins, all are full of seed starters: separate envelopes for the seeds of each for next season: mayhap enough to share this Fall for a few who enjoy the fruits of wild Florida and beyond.  The salad will have commercial garlic leaves for seasonings as well as a few springs of society garlic flowers and leaves, and my wild young-uns as well to celebrate the first of the yellow pear and red cherry and grape tomatoes – well before their time.  Must remember to seed the first few of each to a blotter to dry for Fall plantings.)

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