“This For ‘Yassy’ Per Request”

(April 25, 2018)


it’s so hard to find

many words when tried which rhyme*

‘specially this clime!


  • (“Write me a poem with rhymes,”  said Lady Yassy.  My iambit – iambic -, trochee, and even non-Spencerian nor Petrarchian – not to mention Brownings (both) – what next? Emily or, gasp! – Joyce (Kilmer, that is)? Perhaps Yates or Schubert even if the rhyme is not in the doggerel but the music.  So, dear Lady, suffer this one above as but a prepaid installment on a poor plan…please.  I shall quarry anew more flat rocks upon which I shall chip and scrape and chisel away. It’s cool going on soon-hot and the mugs still slither by air awaiting Friday’s promised spitting contest above. So, if I produceth not the ‘quested rime, recall, dear one, I have not been ‘rested for plucking quills from an albatross – yet!)



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