“The Fresno Fool Scoffs” Tanka 1042

(April 25, 2018)

Jerk Jarrar gives up

“her” phone to critics – The Prof

“clogs” Suicide Line!


FSU boss does not say

“that” reason for discipline!*


  • (Deliberately – or merely ignorantly or even incompetently – clogging up a Suicide Crisis Hotline telephone line’s number instead of her own phone number as she said she was doing, Fresno State University professor Randa Jarrar’s giving out the hotline number for her critics to call was not deemed sufficiently wrong enough to administer any kind of discipline by her FSU boss.  Did Planned Parenthood extract the boss’ spine at birth? Or brain? Or heart? Will it take a revolution by Alumni, Parents, Donors, Students, to get The Board and The bosses at FSU at least to suspend Jarrar pending an investigation for that unconscionable act of clogging a suicide hotline phone.  Does she hate not just Barbara Bush’s family but anyone else in distress or in need for a willing ear and a loving heart?  And this woman is a tenured teacher of creative writing?  Creative WHAT? Take your tired posterior back to the filth-factory from whence it came!)

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