“She Must Be A Miserable Lady*”

(April 25, 2018)


Randa Jarrar is

a miserable person

to ‘hate’ dead woman!


  • (The Fresno State University professor, can not be anything but in misery to transfer so much hatred on another human in her public and schoolhouse utterings about The Late Barbara Bush.  She needs a hug – after, of course a back-of-head whack and at least a suspension from teaching duties until she apologies for her insensitivity.  Not a firing: that would violate her tenure.  But a suspension for her foul-mouthed and unscholarly outbursts.)

4 thoughts on ““She Must Be A Miserable Lady*”

    • Not enough stones among her bosses to curb her freedom to Tenure-Speak, with which I agree…future on the subj. considers Suspension from teaching duties but with Tenure continued…reassigned to a crossing guard at the back alley? Don’t believe that is in the contract, but almost all causes have protectors – and I am just a volunteer detractor.

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  1. Actually, Dear Lady, sometimes – most times – I think of it as a “Shout Up’ from the under-trodden to encourage the down-trodden to Get Off My Back! No? Okay. I’ll try another tack. Lay a line of tacks across my lying path and hope then next seven two-unshod horsefeet find enough to hop away and at the same time give soundings enow to awaken me to go on my merry way, sandwhich board rousing-rabble signs in tow. Never did like a buly from first I found one. Still do not and have to fight me hard sometimes NOT to cross the street so to confront. WP is a softer street methinks.


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