“No Consequences”

(April 25, 2018)


“No Consequences”

teacher hides behind tenure,

their vile bully*” rants!


  • (Not just Doctor Jarrar, but at other levels, teachers let their socio-sexual-politico causes Rule The Day and Stifle “speech” unfree by their students – even as others with opposing views and “bumper stickers” supporting free speech – Donald J. Trump) must scrape off their rights to speech at the company door…as happened to one employee of a company doing business at Walt Disney World just outside Orlando, Florida, USA, recently because WDW “got a complaint” about the TRUMP bumper snicker on his truck.  What’d the man do? He scraped off the sticker: choice was his speech or his family’s dinner table, much like his company faced the same choice. So, why, I ask you, must The State of California, Fresno State University, and schools in general hold Their Teachers’ tenure above the students like a Gordian Knot without showing the way for a Damocletian Sword’s location so to – at least partially – solve the problem?)




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