“Fool Food For Peace Plan*”

(April 25, 2018)


Fool ‘Food For Peace’ plan

considers not Kim will steal

to feed his army!


  • (Every time his dad – and later him – Kim Jong Un extorted food from South Korea, America or elsewhere for his starving peasant slaves the food did not go to his needy but to his Army and Navy and upper crust and trusted cronies.  And now we have Dan Weber(sp?), AARP’s main rival, a so-called conservative proposing we parachute-by-balloon food pallets from both The Yellow Sea and The Pacific into North Korea with clearly marked “From The People of The United States”  to prove to The North Korean People we are their friends.  Is Hope sprung past Eternal and In need of an ankle-wrap?  Even if the project came to fruition what makes Dan think – like the C.A.R.E. packages of yore  – the pallets will retain the USA label, even if for propaganda purposes some were seen being delivered to Peasants.  Nope. Better to stay with Donald J. Trump’s ploy: a better prospect, but don’t go breath-holding for that one either.  Korea, Iran, Syria, South Central L.A., Fresno,  No-Go London, all have a potential for a peaceful resolution, but make sure each chicken gets its feathers counted on its way past the ovens.)

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