“Whassohot ‘Bout Four-Twenty?”

(April 21, 2018)


Ain’t no one told me

Four-Twenty* a time and date

kids go burn some dope!


  • (Seems  some highschoolers way back in the undark ages of the last century used to go out behind the bleacher seats at the high school and spark up some doobies at 4:20 p.m. before they adjourned to someone’s home to raid the ‘fridge.  And the Date, April 20, because a double-entendre of sorts for the smokeout.  And no one ever told me.  And I was too unconcerned to ask.  Now I know.  Can I have yesterday back?)

2 thoughts on ““Whassohot ‘Bout Four-Twenty?”

  1. I did make up for that social – and tetra-hydra-cannibinoidal deficiency sometime later…though I keep wording why any young “stoner” would wait a full hour or so after school to “burn one.” And on school grounds? Don’t they know that’s seriously criminal? Even now I turn down more dope than ever before. I currently am treating a minor toothache with a couple of aspirin – or its substitutes – twice a day for the past day or so. I did all my heavy stuff decades ago – mostly pharmaceutical if not legal long before I had toys to lose and time for myself. Now, I treasure the time and freedom (liberty!) more even than toys.


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