“Infrastructure Spent*”

(April 18, 2018)


infrastructure spent

taxes suggest opposite

effect obtains, no?


  • (Studies of Japan’s ongoing massive “infrastructure” spending mostly by taxpayer yen suggests the drastic dip in individual income/wealth in that so-important nation has slipped from a top-five position to somewhere near 15th in personal income.  A causal relationship, one study suggests, is the monies appropriated for vast improvements has not – or at least since the early 1990s – paid off with rising incomes amongst the taxed.  Are you listening President J. D. Trump?  The advice you keep getting comes from the people who thought George W. Bush did the right thing when he pumped almost a trillion dollars into “infrastructure – shovel-ready jobs(?) – at the request and his willing delivery of Barack H. Obama.  Pour money into a government maw and no matter what the label says the same shit comes out: graft, corruption and union kickbacks and kickforwards and kick the payers in the keister (sp?))

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