2 thoughts on ““April Always A”

  1. (Most) everything is fine, Yassy. Ruminating on lost loves and lost lives – family, friends, and significant manys and did not realize I was channeling two days early two Gilchrest County (Florida) sheriff’s deputies getting murdered while at lunch in a small (very small) town North and West of Gainesville (University of Florida) so, our National Ensign weeps at half-staff yesterday and today – and Barbara Bush’s passing, too, may have had a premonitianary hand as well. Have several retired Sheriff’s Deputies and other LawEnforcementOfficers as schoolmates, classmates and friends and some of them are hurting right now – one needs a new heart – and he asked me to pray not just for him, but – and this is the heart-tug – to pray for the family, loves and friends of whomever’s heart he may receive. But me? I’m still telling pals and gals not to stand too near: I’d ’bout due for one of my four allotted smally pharts someday real soon now. Just the usual. I am distressed if I caused you due-un concern. Un-concern thyself, Lady Yasmin: I’s a brick – as in Thick As – and promise to stay corporate instead of Dis for some good – or small – time to come. I am blessed to have you hop into my concern bucket, but you scared the minnows, Dear Lady and now they probably will wont extra mealy worms before they agree to sign on to catch me so fish before our four-day rain event is scheduled to begin this afternoon. Fishin’ in the rain I can do: it’s the singing and the splash-dancing with spats on that seems to trip me up. Later, your worship! Gots mine to write and yours and others’ to read. Must go.


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