“Last Soda Can” Tanka 1037

(March 17, 2018)


The last soda can –

must I replay life’s last reel? –

to find the cooler?


It costs more to recycle

but – the foam sleeve*’ worth finding!


  • (A free – cost someone but not me – soda can went into one of my treasured foam-rubber cozies – fits a beer can and most of the kinds of bottled beers at  which glassless I sip – thass right, the ‘mericun popular kinds which a good mug or stein or special glass will not improve either The Head or The Legs or The Dregs, is no big loss when recycle day comes ’round: but I will beat the universe if the last of the three remaining (haven’t lost a one yet, though some have gone AWOL for a year or six) 40+-year-old “insulated holders” comes up minus at muster.  Oh, well: any excuse to clean up, I guess.)



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