“Shadow People Stand”

(March 14, 2018)


Shadow People stand

mute in a failing Spring sun:

eerie Rock theme plays.*


  • (The tricked-mind actually enjoys the cast of shadows my imagination conjures from long someday shadows playing just so under eaves, awnings and open porches just before sunsets.  I make up stories, plays really, and force myself to interrupt me at play with a line of workplay or a chapter left to read or a half-hand of walnuts or cranberries or popcorn to still an athletic stomach because I still have beer, tea or broth about and need not yet pee.)


(March 14, 2018)


Punch, Whack, Trip, or Slip:

‘No-Brow’ humor*, not slapstick:

comedy writes not ‘Up’


  • (Picking which alternate lines for this was a chore – and still is. Finally, issues – all save one – resolved: the title: “No-Brow”, “No-Brow Humor”, or – and I do like this one a lot – “No-Brow Human” – as a matter of record: I first misread my scritching as “No-Brow Human to begin the second line.  But on re-decipherment it became what the author – Thief! Thief! intended. So I pull out arrows and step on caltrops and stones slung me-ward.)

“It’s Not So Much The Typing” Tanka 1033

(March 14, 2018)


Bruce and Yasmin,

it’s not so much typing as

talking with keyboards.*


I hear his delighted smirk

and her gentle steel-whim laugh!


  • (Eerily I sometimes slip into feeling as if we are talking when I read your words and sometimes when I type mine own.  Maybe not so eerie, afterall.  You guys – and others too! – shed clicks and clacks and I hear the mutters and the grins, guffaws and nods.  Beats smoke signals, though with time I suspect a nuanced puff might get a giggle going.)