“To Lady Yassy, In Reply”

(March 13, 2018)


Lady indulges*

in more-than-minor league



I undo me at

every turn – those taken, not:

My toes hurt from trips. (v1)

My nose hurts from trips. (v2)


  • (Must find Yasmin Khan on Twitter to see the row she started and all I did was strew flowers – and asparagus recipes not to mention a corned beef hash to UnTag anyone.)


“Young Cardinal In Spring”

(March 12, 2018)


this young guy in red

is skipping spring’s cold* fingers

mom-n-pop here too


  • (Latest from National Weather Service radio for Central Florida: after Sunday’s expected suring strong cold front off The Gulf of Mexico we can expect temps even unto the 40s within a short drive of here.  Of course that presupposes the gusting winds from the squall line bedding down with lightning and possible small tornadoes with upwards of one-sixth foot of rain just enough to make gleeful my Sunday perambulations from The Hill to The Lake, a good half-hour’s jaunt and a possible breakfast between that and return.  Carry The Big umbrella, Lance Idiot! But I like walking in thunderstorms: been doing it all my life – or as soon as I was able to escape unnoticed which usually mean well after midnight, which rather limited my youthful opportunities for such adventure.  A frozen bolt before the waving old Live Oak Trees trailing long, flowing beards of Spanish moss sent a-spinnakering in the gusty winds is a visual treat that makes a mere horror pic at The Ritz on a small Sunday evening from the long-feared balcony railing seats an innoculatory experience.)