“The ‘We Have Billions’ Radio Scam”

The “We Have Billions”

‘dio scam keeps dick-steppin’

sad copy, worse pay*


  • (The We Have 34.6 Billion dollars to pay out to those who qualify “by getting your ducks in a row,” scam first introduces itself with obviously “patched” in May First qualification date – and then in another pitch – this one from Pittsburgh – the announcer says he has someone on the phone to comment on the vast sums he already has seen in his mailbox as checks, and the voice comes across as well-modulated, obviously not from a phone line into an announcer’s call-in board…and the delight goes downhill from there.  And, no, I did not and will not call or type a website to get my ducks in a row…when first I heard the pitch I mis-heard the word “ducks” and you – if you have any evidence of my sense – or lack thereof – of humor can substitute the second letter past “d” in the sequence. And I immediately began to wonder how – or why – anyone would want to get *ucks in a row.  But that’s just me.  That guy from Missouri expecting to cash a Twenty-four thousand Seventy-five dollar check anytime now sure has me intrigued by not at all very much.  But I will ask: who-in-hell gives the actual correct figure instead of the incorrect twenty-four thousand and seventy-five dollar delivery in a radio commercial?  First clue for sure the deal is boooobusss…in the words of Click & Clack.)

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