“Working With Compost”

(March 3, 2018)


escaped shampooed hair

flouts past my grimy fingers,

today: the rest of me!*


  • (Just sweated through a morning of watering and weeding and tending the compost bins and felt grimy hair: solution – leave the hose stoppered but on full for fifteen minutes – and have a quick beer, grab the hair-stuff and slip into swim trunks, snatch a towel off its pile (yes, folded and interred in a cabinet! I am only a savage twenty-six hours a day!!) and go to the back 40 of the garden, behind the blue-tip palmetto shrub that threatens to eat Kansas if it ever gets outta here, wet down: damn! that’s scalding!  Next time, mountain man make it ten minutes, okay? lather up and rinse.  Ahha. New man. From the neck up.  Smell shirt before re-don. Yup. Tomorrow.)

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