“Twisted Daffy-Nation-Nition”

(March 5, 2018)



Convention: Two “Cons” in search

of The Perfect!*


  • (Read the word in the second line in quotes: “Cons.”  The danger is no bridle – or bit – on a Convention of The States convening to add, detract, rewrite, The Constitution of The United States of America.  Better to battle for adherence to the original – as amended  (or amend further) than to open up The Floor to a foodfight with the media supplying extra-hard tomatoes and exploding grapefruits.  If you amend The Constitution to allow for “line item” amendments to the articles what is to stop the next guy when it’s his turn? And then you end up with The Louisiana Constitution.  Go read that’un sometime.)

7 thoughts on ““Twisted Daffy-Nation-Nition”

  1. Takes a lot of practice for a scallywag (sp?: scalla-wag? I was too busy out Scally Wagging to get the right spelling of this social injustice) to come up with blush-on-command. I have witnesses. Some of whom might even be semi-believable, Yassy! Really!


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