“My Former Colleagues”

my former colleagues

smeared a boyfriend first in rush

to Us-Tube story!*


  • (The San Bruno – gosh I hated to hear that dateline! – shooter at You Tube brought out the full-pant of the dogs of media feeding in a frenzy here in Central Florida, first telling us it was A Boyfriend Thing” which lasted almost past midnight when saner heads and surer manners returned to say: “nay, nay,” ’twas more like a rejection letter hand-delivered to Mountain View by a San Diegan daughter distraught here viedos were not popular enough to monetize to her desire.  Is The Media that unprofound to first fling what will shock the most – or in other cases satisfy the preconceptions of other reporters, editors and convinced consumers of The Accepted Cant that any charge – remember it must be salacious or at least involve urine – must lead the lead.  So glad I quit those many many moons ago – and apologized soon thereafter for being a journalist who learned his lesson early: ask each source how they wanted their names spelled – just to get one thing right, anyway! Thanks, Satie!)

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