“Forget Not ‘The Tossed’!”

(March 3, 2018)


Do others sit and

scrit ‘stead of fixing broke lunch?

Salads: spuds, tuna!*


  • (Couldn’t fit in cole slaw in this piece, but had time for a quick hand job of thin-chopping with one of my handy-dandy Swill Army Victronox 8-inch Chefs’ knives, mince some parsley, bell pepper and onion – both green and red – and grate a carrot: one cup mayo, tsp celery seed, quarter cup of distilled white vinegar and a couple tablespoons of granulated sugar to add to the salted and wilting and draining cabbage in a colander over the sink.  I went back the next morning and added some finely minced bronze and Florence fennels to the mix. Did the same – with more parsley – to both potato and tunafish salads.)

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