“A Defiant Loquat Raises Its Head” Tanka 1025

Defiant loquat

raises its young tonsure over

the trimmed sullen hedge.


Of four “guardian” planters*

just this one hosts a rebel.


  • (The four brick planters at Magnolia Square – in downtown Sanford, Florida, USA, impede pedestrian traffic at all times when only moderately crowded: Alive After Five – AA5 – second Thursday monthly street festival and every Saturday 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Farmers – not really but close sometimes – Market make the planters quadruple-bottlenecks for both shoppers, strollers, setup-and-teardown personnel, performers, buskers, you-name-its, at those events, concerts, gathering, and most accommodate “The Four Corners” offense as if it were a basketball game instead of social, economic or cultural action instead of “driving the lane.” The once-charming planters when Magnolia Square first surfaced when the 21st Century still wore diapers or at best short pants now serves more to give dogs and cats – both quad- and bi-pedal – a place to poop, piss or just toss whatever impedes their day…or night.  Of course, it does employ groundskeepers – but the lady at the storefront Westerly facing the square’s side of First Street wonders this morn why her sidewalk “was not blown off” as per her desire and others’ tax monies even if they were filtered through multiple municipal funding outfits with high-falutin’ names.  The king of First – if not all of Sanford – Steet, Theo, and I agree: what once was a quaint eyesore has become yet another monument to The Law of Unintended Consequences.)

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