“Wanted: Dung Beetles*” Tanka 1016

(March  28, 2018)


we need dung beetles

not museums of false love

like “Pulse” and Parkland!


get their homage detritus

but store them, do not worship!


  • (Like Presidential Libraries elsewhere, holocaust, war and other memorials threaten to eat up all the greenspace at our national, state-and-regional and county-city monuments, especially in the Washington, D. C. environs, we rapidly will run out of grassy places for more life-affirming pursuits like kites and frisbee and holding down picnic blankets of a fine Spring afternoon if we continue to insist that every tragedy be “memorialized” often at some public location better left unused by concrete, glass and exhibits few if any will see – especially at a price – and perhaps we are best left to the catalog all-digitize-store and make available either online or at some centrally located kiosk near, say, The Washington Mall across from The Capitol in the biggies or public libraries and sponsoring institutions/universities elsewhere, all linked on The Web.  I am not again’ the displays, just their rapacious nature when competing with so-termed “empty spaces” just made for suitable memorials to assuage guilt or hold up to shame the innocent – since the guilty hopefully are dead and if not won’t care anyway.)

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