“Texting While Driving (And Fake Kids March)” Tanka 1015

(March 28, 2018)


Near dozen teens die

every day, still no one bans

teen cell-phone usage.


But twenty-thousand-plus kids

in The Great Gun March – real count!*


  • (Not a million no-guns marchers, not even 800,000 and more like 200,000 of which about 10 percent were school-age kids, according to the people who count such statistics from visual images and other such methodologies.  But the number of kids who cream their lives away texting while driving – and adults as well but not so shockingly man – is inescapable.  Some even walk off sidewalk curbs into streets, heads down and thumbs a-pumping – and that’s not just kids.  The number of both-ears filled with i-music and fingers swiping and thumbs typing – when coupled with the potential of drivers also texting with earbuds bracketing their brains while operating several tons of motive force amazes me every day I see such – and I do: I live near a middle school with plenty of privileged and entitled drivers of said p&e students also so in-plugged.)

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    • Really. ? I had to link two disparate elements and find a theme. I’m helping an 81-year-old near-toothless woman I’ve known near 30 years get a used tire shop to replace a dangerously worn left front tire – thank everything Holy she can not type on a phone, handheld of keyboard option – and does not suspect both may be included in the same event. She, muchly toothless, impossible of hearing, and living in her car in a downtown Sanford parking lot near the library, is a stubborn old bat whom I enjoy annoying altogether too much. She wants to pay me – when her Social Security money is deposited tomorrow for my help. She did not like my suggestion that she let me kick her in an ankle as recompense. Should I sue?

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