“Paris ‘Weather Meet’ Dooms” Tanka 1017

(March 26, 2018)


Paris ‘Weather Meet’s’

failure by signers’ willful

ignoring the pact


means one-hundred fifty mil

dead says New York magazine!*


  • (The New York Magazine article’s author posits that the failure of signatory nations to fulfill their Paris Weather Accords obligations – presumably even without a U. S. signatory status – will mean “Twenty Five Holocausts” because those scoff-signer nations are nowhere near meeting their pledged redistributive goals in terms of greenhouse gas emission-reductions (or contributions in cash, presumably which is what they wanted Barack Obama’s signature and following logically Hillary Clinton’s acceptance of U. S. obligation to stem the soon swamping tide of Global Warming catastropies.  Assuming a modest six million per “holocaust” I extrapolate 150,000 million dead.  Does Al Gore know.  Maybe he can make another Oscar-winning movie in conjunction with Michael Moore? Fortunately President Donald John Trump pulled our nation’s chestnuts – and gold – out of that opulent transfer-fire and the supposed receipt by “have not” nations – rather fund administrators and trustees I suspect – will have to be made up elsewhere.  Perhaps a special levy on the “have” nations by the U.N. to make up the shortfall?  Someone’s gotta pay for all them dead bodies littering The World, now, don’t they.  Why, just take in the stench!  Oh. That’s from the fertilizer left by magazine authors and readers, not actual dying-by-warming people. Sorry.  Maybe next week.)

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