“Fudge-It & Budge-It”

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Budgets for each department:

Vote one at a time!


  • (For those of us awake last mid-century and somewhat just past that highwater mark, the Federal Gum-mint used to have its several departments individually budgeted, discussed, cussed, and voted upon one-at-a-time and in some cases linked by common cause.  Transportation got a vote, agriculture, Defense (Do I hear a motion to rename DoD back to its better name War Department?), etc.  Perhaps we can forget to fund Education and let the states have the right to fund their own school boards the way it still mostly is: property taxes without the additional state and federal bureaucracies’ management burdens superimposed. Do we really need a Department of Energy, Homeland Security – seeing as how much less secure we seem since that boondoggle got involved – and would it not be better to let the now-UnIntelligent Agencies – all 17 of them – join up with Border Patrol and Immigration to send more parentless kids back where they came from rather than letting UnCongress delete funding for storage and warehousing facilities for illegal aliens so we are back to “catch and release,” et al.? I am sick of this fecal matter.  And if the pair of big-talkers and no-doers leading The House and The Senate keep up their half-talk no-work plans will the pair’s host states disinvite them mos’-riki-tick!?)