“Davey-Boy Hogg” Tanka 1008

(March 22, 2018)


When Davey Boy Hogg*

let The Media put him

‘out front’ he then gets…


the claim he was ‘just a kid’

changed to then become ‘fair game!’*


  • (Relishing, apparently, his role as electronic media darling, Parkland High School self- and media-appointed spokesman/”activist” senior David Hogg could have basked in the less-visible limelight of “victim” (but when parsed not a “survivor” since he never was near enough to that danger so to accrue the title of television celebrity by right but so-named by false appointment instead) he gave up all portion of “just a kid” status and becomes just another public figure, fair game for any and all commentary as to motives and veracity.  The depth of this young man’s ignorance and his willingness to spout a “party line” without even a passing acquaintance with facts is not surprising considering what passes for truth and honesty among not only popular media but also popular public education.  Welcome to ‘The Talking – not shooting – Gallery,” Davey Boy!)



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