“And, Them ‘Noles* Won, Too!”

My last in-state team

FSU plays ‘Sweet Sixteen!’

Must Pop Corn!


  • (Florida State’s Seminoles’ men’s basketball team, I told my younger “Gator” UF grad brother will beat Florida when they play back in early December, 2017, even though both teams had barely started the 2018 campaigns.  I was unsure if FSU could handle Miami, though.  The ‘Noles knocked off higher-rated Gonzaga – in just the second time the two schools had met in basketball and The ‘Zags were a particular bugaboo for UF cagers all the way back to The Billy Donovan Era – last night almost rather handily late in the second half to make it to The Elite Eight in the 64 (actually 68 but that’s another gripe for later) team national championship tournament.  Even with Boston Celtics legend Dave Cowans playing for FSU one time and I think Heisman Trophy winner Charlie Ward another time, The ‘ Noles have been to the last eight teams standing but three times since the former Girls (OK, Women!) Teacher College became co-ed mid last century!  Michigan will be much more difficult Saturday.  I care not which Florida School – Central Florida, South Florida or The Big Three – wins and wins big, I get a thrill watching well-prepared young people excel: at anything! Go ‘Noles! And, yes, I was an early-round acceptance to attend UF in the mid-winter of 1966, but my nation was having a war and I had the hunch that even a broke-down near-blind guy who could read without moving his lips with each word might get The Marines to let him play.  Sadly – not really but sometimes so – I was right.)

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