(March 20, 2018)


Spring’s first day – normal:

our first tornado warning –

to wake ‘The Bikers!’*


  • (Midweek of Daytona Beach, Florida, USA’s Ten-Day-Long “Bike Week” in decades past almost always featured near- or even below-freezing and windy  weather following a nice severe “Bow Echo” cold front sweeping into The Gulf of Mexico from Texas on the heels of a wild Pacific/Northwest storm front promising to become another terrible tantrum Nor’easter.  We got several T-do warnings mid-afternoon but most of them passed either East or West of Sanford.  I told my sojurning brother and his bride and daughter – go home right now, as they came by to collect the office mail “Tornado Warnings.” He said something to the effect the same thing happend last week: I reiterated. He relented: “Yes, dear.” My reply: Fornicate You Very Much, or word (at the start) to that effect.  Later wife called to say Thanks…they missed the real raucous weather by mere minutes.  Did not have the heart to tell them I was warning about two severe thunderheads with rotation and hail that failed to materialize and by the time I got back to the office those warnings had expired.  Only just about the time they were to arrive in Geneva, some 10 miles distant another set of new storms blew up and battered their way right over their Seminole Woods home.  Serendipity?  Quien sabes? But I’ll take it: I have nothing suitable for a big funeral.)

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