“Pity David Hogg” Tanka 1005

Pity poor David Hogg,

Parkland – Laugh! – High Survivor!

sees his “no guns” dumped!


Armed officer kills “shooter”

student in Maryland school!


  • (Hogg, a just-rejected by UC San Diego,  senior it the Florida high school whose jump-now there’s-a-camera-and-microphone nearby – brash and rash self-presentation before America via a media more interested in scandal than objective facts and willing to use untutored children as pawns, especially when funded by well-, well-intended, liberal-gone-past-leaning George Soros, et al., to make meaningless points about the whole instead of dissecting the individual action, is finding out his trip to fame, glory, leadership and success does not have to visit – much less stay four or more years – in college.  The media have convinced young Master Hogg his real value to America is as leader and spokesman for our mutual disarmament, either voluntary or – and I am sure the point will come to him soon if not already – confiscatory means may be better still, at least he will stay ahead of the mob so as to direct the attention him-wards.  Enough. David: find a legitimate and possibly successful venture for you budding activist/political/social career.  The NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS ruse has been exposed like a naked emperor.  Shooters will not heed your mandates.  And despite the kid who stabbed one would-be mass killer with his ball point pen (or was it a mere single-shot pencil?) few have the training and thanks to parents, teachers, media and modern culture the kids who would be victims by and large have neither the temperament nor training to tackle a derringer much less a one-trigger-pull, one-shot produced semi-automatic handgun or rifle. And I suppose, David, you will get around to telling us we really have no need for firearm-toting police or anyone else in authority’s raiment patrolling each building in a school of any damn size you care to mention!)



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