“Maryland School Shoot”

(March 20, 2018)


Maryland school shoot:

shooter shot by a school-cop:*

Ya’ hear that, Parkland?


  • (A St. Marys County off-duty Deputy Sheriff serving as a School Resource officer for Great Mills High School, Great Mills, Maryland, USA, did not hesitate upon hearing of a school shooting at his post.  Close enough to hear the gunshots.  He engaged the shooter quickly without hesitation.  Both the cop and the shooter fired.  More time will tell if the SRO hit the perpetrator or the shooter eventually took his life, as that unworthy died at hospital.  Now, the squeamish part: apparently the shooter and his female (of two fellow students shot) victim had history, as yet not completely unrevealed.  What this may mean is that a mass shooting was not in the offing. Whatever.  The deputy did good. He stopped the shooter at one female student critically wounded and one male student in stable condition and himself in no condition. Do not rush to say the School Resource Officer averted another “Parkland,” because we just do not know the dead kid’s motivation.  Maybe further investigation will help tell that tale. Maybe not.  Either way, the important thing is there will be but one funeral. I really do feel sorry for that sad sack SRO in Broward County, Floridad and for the other officers who also stayed back and did not engage the shooter there and 17 died and a like number were wounded – and who knows how many more are and will suffer. Not just soul searching by the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s office and local police departments and the entire school board and superintendent, but apparently the blame – or a goodly part – will rest on The Barack Obama Administration’s collusion with the Department of Justice and the Department of Education to fail to record the felonious behavior the the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter in the years leading up to his heinous crimes…all because the federals offered grants (money) to schools and school systems that do not show the numbers of crimes committed on school grounds by students to keep the statistics looking good. For whom? Barack Obama?  And his cronies? And the Guns Are Bad. Period. Crowd?)
  • * (Missing from this diatribe is notice that such was the case for another South Florida felonious student uncharged for his crimes of sexual harassment and other big-ticket crimes unreported by his school and who was serving a supposed in- or out-of-school suspension for his behavior problems – Trayvon Martin. Remember him? Was he another one of the students who went unreported to beef up the Not Here school-to-jail train of criminal students in not just South Florida schools but I am sure nationwide?)

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