“Big Brassy Buzzard?” Tanka 1004

(March 19, 2018)


big brassy buzzard

cruises old live oak treetops

a squirrel breakfast


the still before a gust-front

tomorrow is the big-un*


  • (It was such a full flashing view of the big raptor or carrion cleaner – a buzzard of a bald eagle – both will take their meals live of dead.
    And when I play the memory tape of this momentary flash, the birds massive wings were almost completely flat all across the trailing edge, indicating a Bald Eagle.  And now is the time Bald Eagles – male, like the one I believe I saw, big and imposing, female or juvenile relative attached to the mated pair to help feed the nest, are watchful this month as for some eggs hatch and for others yawing beaks down-surrounded and small cries of constant hunger send these magnificient hunter/gatherers of The Raptor Nation across our skies.  I have seen a bald eagle turn upside down over Lake Monroe in my hometown of Sanford, Florida, USA, and by strength of talon and stunning aerobatics wrest a four pound mullet from the gripping talons of an Osprey.)

“Maryland School Shoot”

(March 20, 2018)


Maryland school shoot:

shooter shot by a school-cop:*

Ya’ hear that, Parkland?


  • (A St. Marys County off-duty Deputy Sheriff serving as a School Resource officer for Great Mills High School, Great Mills, Maryland, USA, did not hesitate upon hearing of a school shooting at his post.  Close enough to hear the gunshots.  He engaged the shooter quickly without hesitation.  Both the cop and the shooter fired.  More time will tell if the SRO hit the perpetrator or the shooter eventually took his life, as that unworthy died at hospital.  Now, the squeamish part: apparently the shooter and his female (of two fellow students shot) victim had history, as yet not completely unrevealed.  What this may mean is that a mass shooting was not in the offing. Whatever.  The deputy did good. He stopped the shooter at one female student critically wounded and one male student in stable condition and himself in no condition. Do not rush to say the School Resource Officer averted another “Parkland,” because we just do not know the dead kid’s motivation.  Maybe further investigation will help tell that tale. Maybe not.  Either way, the important thing is there will be but one funeral. I really do feel sorry for that sad sack SRO in Broward County, Floridad and for the other officers who also stayed back and did not engage the shooter there and 17 died and a like number were wounded – and who knows how many more are and will suffer. Not just soul searching by the FBI and the Broward County Sheriff’s office and local police departments and the entire school board and superintendent, but apparently the blame – or a goodly part – will rest on The Barack Obama Administration’s collusion with the Department of Justice and the Department of Education to fail to record the felonious behavior the the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooter in the years leading up to his heinous crimes…all because the federals offered grants (money) to schools and school systems that do not show the numbers of crimes committed on school grounds by students to keep the statistics looking good. For whom? Barack Obama?  And his cronies? And the Guns Are Bad. Period. Crowd?)
  • * (Missing from this diatribe is notice that such was the case for another South Florida felonious student uncharged for his crimes of sexual harassment and other big-ticket crimes unreported by his school and who was serving a supposed in- or out-of-school suspension for his behavior problems – Trayvon Martin. Remember him? Was he another one of the students who went unreported to beef up the Not Here school-to-jail train of criminal students in not just South Florida schools but I am sure nationwide?)


(March 20, 2018)


Infantile: no-gun

peace-march results in riot

by students on pal. *


  • (One classmate of a school shut down for a peace “No Gun” rally reportedly went full-riot on a classmate who showed up with a sign supporting a differing point of view.  Not only were these paragons of non-violence violent, they forgot about The First Amendment, whose rights some day may have to be secured be the exercise of The Second Amendment – even for them. The disapproved-of sign carryer had broken bones in one arm, so peaceful and non-violent were his school chums.)


(March 20, 2018)


Spring’s first day – normal:

our first tornado warning –

to wake ‘The Bikers!’*


  • (Midweek of Daytona Beach, Florida, USA’s Ten-Day-Long “Bike Week” in decades past almost always featured near- or even below-freezing and windy  weather following a nice severe “Bow Echo” cold front sweeping into The Gulf of Mexico from Texas on the heels of a wild Pacific/Northwest storm front promising to become another terrible tantrum Nor’easter.  We got several T-do warnings mid-afternoon but most of them passed either East or West of Sanford.  I told my sojurning brother and his bride and daughter – go home right now, as they came by to collect the office mail “Tornado Warnings.” He said something to the effect the same thing happend last week: I reiterated. He relented: “Yes, dear.” My reply: Fornicate You Very Much, or word (at the start) to that effect.  Later wife called to say Thanks…they missed the real raucous weather by mere minutes.  Did not have the heart to tell them I was warning about two severe thunderheads with rotation and hail that failed to materialize and by the time I got back to the office those warnings had expired.  Only just about the time they were to arrive in Geneva, some 10 miles distant another set of new storms blew up and battered their way right over their Seminole Woods home.  Serendipity?  Quien sabes? But I’ll take it: I have nothing suitable for a big funeral.)

“Happy Jerks”

March 20, 2018)


A “Press Conference:”

a Happy Ending for none:

a Circle of Jerks!*


  • (In twenty years – and more – of committing journalism and its cousin Public Affairs and its sister-in-law Public Relations) I attended three press conferences. The first was at The University of South Florida during the finals of a news writing class – the associate profession teaching the class used a real-time example for his final – the deadly fire at the Sanford (Florida) Seminole County Jail which took place while I was working both as a Sports Editor/writer/photographer and city government/investigative reporter.  During the “press conference” portion of the exam I never told the teacher I was the one who wrote the story for my newspaper which his Associated Press employers then “Picked Up” and ran state- and nation-wide.  My little secret.  He later told me and the rest of the class he never in all  his too-few years to teaching journalism given a 100 on any test.  He declaimed my 98 on that final was due not to any deficiency in my reporting but to keep his string intact.  That was a clue to what came next. I found full-fledged press conferences – gaggles to many – just that, a gaggle of noisy geese and ducks asking what had been announced just prior to the path being opened for “questions.”: Fourth graders facing pizza or ice cream are more well-behaved and ask more trenchant questions.  The more exalted the press officer, the main man (genderless usage herein applied) in fact, the less decorum.  In both of the first two professional cases, I walked over to the press table and picked up the print-outs available including exactly what the publicly disclosed information contained and the disclaimers about what was not going to be discussed. In short, all  the shit the yell-birds wanted to know and which policy, law and prudence demanded the officials in government and law enforcement wanted to keep close to the vest for many reasons already were available for those who wanted to know.  And in the case of press announcements in sports and business and other avenues of informing the public via the press – I attended only if chow and brew or even booze were available to lubricate the well-know paragons for Press Freedom practiced their bent-elbow prayers for more hootch.)

“Pity David Hogg” Tanka 1005

Pity poor David Hogg,

Parkland – Laugh! – High Survivor!

sees his “no guns” dumped!


Armed officer kills “shooter”

student in Maryland school!


  • (Hogg, a just-rejected by UC San Diego,  senior it the Florida high school whose jump-now there’s-a-camera-and-microphone nearby – brash and rash self-presentation before America via a media more interested in scandal than objective facts and willing to use untutored children as pawns, especially when funded by well-, well-intended, liberal-gone-past-leaning George Soros, et al., to make meaningless points about the whole instead of dissecting the individual action, is finding out his trip to fame, glory, leadership and success does not have to visit – much less stay four or more years – in college.  The media have convinced young Master Hogg his real value to America is as leader and spokesman for our mutual disarmament, either voluntary or – and I am sure the point will come to him soon if not already – confiscatory means may be better still, at least he will stay ahead of the mob so as to direct the attention him-wards.  Enough. David: find a legitimate and possibly successful venture for you budding activist/political/social career.  The NO GUNS IN SCHOOLS ruse has been exposed like a naked emperor.  Shooters will not heed your mandates.  And despite the kid who stabbed one would-be mass killer with his ball point pen (or was it a mere single-shot pencil?) few have the training and thanks to parents, teachers, media and modern culture the kids who would be victims by and large have neither the temperament nor training to tackle a derringer much less a one-trigger-pull, one-shot produced semi-automatic handgun or rifle. And I suppose, David, you will get around to telling us we really have no need for firearm-toting police or anyone else in authority’s raiment patrolling each building in a school of any damn size you care to mention!)