A Note From ‘The Management’

No, I have not scheduled ‘A Bender’ Monday and Tuesday next (March 19-20, 2018) but the notion does ring a small bell – does a two-beer day constitute a “bender” anymore?  But, I am expecting “weather” like, well, March Monday and possibly bow-echo radar indicated cold-front off the Gulf Coast to little ol’e Sanford, Florida Tuesday which means I will not hunt for my duck outfit for risking the rapids on my town-downward treks either day, but will do garden chores and catch up with the interior-eyelid movie screening after polishing off the leftover popcorn, pizza and whatever runs slowest from the ‘fridge.  Be well and stay safe, y’all! J

“Taken Out of Format for wider distribution” The management. Yasmin Khan delivers anthem”

arithematics of war casualties raise number bar genocide of the people humanity becomes a cripple peace encrypted brutality depicted annihilation decoded political aphorism encoded civilians under siege chemicals, incendiary besiege wide-eyed watching the offense civilization without defense splintered battered conflict generations ruined, pyrrhic afflict if there was hell on earth one must see Syria’s hearth. […]

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