“‘Dinna’ Unner’stand!”

(March 16, 2018)


Dinna* un’nerstand

it’s still Winter – and more cold

comes early next week!


  • (The bundled lady looked at me in tee shirt and long jeans – long jeans! Yep: more than just a mite chilly this morn’ – and looked as if she could not believe her eyes as I stood there in the middle of an upturned patch of garden, resting my gloved had below my padded-by-beard chin atop the shovel handle. There she was,  silky scarf under a woolen weaved one, high up-turned collar on her winter coat, long pants and gloves: “How can it be This Cold,” she asked perhaps me but more like The Powers Above.  “I’m shivvering,” she said as she walked a naked pooch unfit to tackle a fieldmouse much less a dog or starving squirrel or swooping eagle with young to feed. “Ma’am,” I replied, taking a back-pocket sweat-rag to my forehead, “Do you know what month this is?” She replied, “March, but that’s…” “A near full week before calendar and astronomic Spring,” I interjected. “This is not normal,” she insisted. “March is known for not-not normal! Why, I even put on long pants to start and now figgure I have to switch to shorts.  You think this is bad? We got more cold coming Wednesday, I’d bet. You’re puppy sure is putting up a brave front, Ma’am.  By July you’ll be longing for this chill.” She huffed and jerked the chain – perhaps wishing I were a toy whatever dog too. And she sauntered off. Didn’t have the heart to tell her April well may be colder still.)



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