“‘Dinna’ Unner’stand!”

(March 16, 2018)


Dinna* un’nerstand

it’s still Winter – and more cold

comes early next week!


  • (The bundled lady looked at me in tee shirt and long jeans – long jeans! Yep: more than just a mite chilly this morn’ – and looked as if she could not believe her eyes as I stood there in the middle of an upturned patch of garden, resting my gloved had below my padded-by-beard chin atop the shovel handle. There she was,  silky scarf under a woolen weaved one, high up-turned collar on her winter coat, long pants and gloves: “How can it be This Cold,” she asked perhaps me but more like The Powers Above.  “I’m shivvering,” she said as she walked a naked pooch unfit to tackle a fieldmouse much less a dog or starving squirrel or swooping eagle with young to feed. “Ma’am,” I replied, taking a back-pocket sweat-rag to my forehead, “Do you know what month this is?” She replied, “March, but that’s…” “A near full week before calendar and astronomic Spring,” I interjected. “This is not normal,” she insisted. “March is known for not-not normal! Why, I even put on long pants to start and now figgure I have to switch to shorts.  You think this is bad? We got more cold coming Wednesday, I’d bet. You’re puppy sure is putting up a brave front, Ma’am.  By July you’ll be longing for this chill.” She huffed and jerked the chain – perhaps wishing I were a toy whatever dog too. And she sauntered off. Didn’t have the heart to tell her April well may be colder still.)



“I’d Rather Calm Down”

(March 16, 2018)


I’d rather calm down

a fool than resurrect a carcass –

Hoops coach John Thompson!*


  • (Former Georgetown Hoyas’ legendary Hall-of-Fame basketball coach John Thompson, who played a stellar role in his days with the Boston Celtics of National Basketball Association pro ball, talking on the radio during a brief respite in play during the NCAA national basketball  tournament,  Pretty good advice regardless of game – or not.)