“Meager, Not Eager, Rain”

(March 12, 2018)


I soaked the garden –

told-flood evaporated,

but now I can play!


  • ( Chores shift, so I can come towndownwardly and play on this keyboard tomorrow – I mean today! We were weather-radio promised a minor deluve – no arks needed but a rowboat might be handy, with attendant possibly whirling thingees in the air as the cold front passed from sea to land and then to sea again…such is Florida at Winter, Spring, Fall and Summer come to think of it, but this time of year, especially in the midst of our dry season which soon will become a good Fire Season should we continue to skimp of catching our share of the wet stuff.  So I drink beer in the garden late at night and imitate a self-creating not-Noah but a reasonable proximation in my olden-dreams but now with a two-brew stricture, I must make do with a longer hose and a faucet by the shallow well.  So, from this shallow reporter, I bid you keep the brush away from the ‘bode and try to stay hydrated.)

“I Dub Me Peter* (For Shame, To Compare With Such A Great Man!)”

I name me Peter,

and probably more than thrice-

denied, too this day!


  • (Not to be construed with the Anglicized Peter of whom The Lord said he was the rock upon which he will build His church despite the oft-repeated three times denying Jesus as Rabbi and Friend.  Mine own denial was more mundane: “No, I do not need to put the tenny-sneakers next to the ‘puter stand. They’re just fine right out there in the middle of my usual path to the lightswitch.” Hubris, thy name is J!

“Gotcher G.O.A.T?*”

(March 13, 2018)


G.reatest O.f A.ll T.ime!

Ford’s F.ix O.r R.epair D.aily:

Acronyms are fun!


  • (Back in the stone age(s) when Goat meant Pontiac GTO, I had not encountered Greatest Of All Time until yesterday.  This 3 a.m. I was forced to un-bed and scribble this.  Thass what I get for many things: hubris not the least…)