“Special Counsel Leaks?”

special counsel leaks*

say perp-walk Don in-chains soon:

just trust us – we know!


  • (Actually, the ‘perp-walk’ talk comes from the tea-leaves divinations of mass-market media gum-flappers “interpreting” the silences from the office of Special Counsel concerning imagined Russia-Donald Trump collusion trumpeted by The Press – muchly CNN and MSNBC and a few failing rags of former trees, when, in fact, collusion is not a crime in a political campaign: happens all the time.  But the provable collusion here is from Hillary’s team with the Ruskies and it does involve some sure crimes, if  not against nature and nurture then the Criminal Code.  Ask why the former USSR now has fief-title to 20 percent of The United States’ uranium horde and ask further who benefited from such transaction and further still ask who paid for the second (yes, the first dossier was aparently a Republican opposition research effort that sucked in the GOP’s most gullible gaffoons) dossier that alleges a “Golden Shower” is accomplished by a pair of Russian prostitutes peeing on a mattress as opposed to the actual act over an often recumbent victim (by choice or nay) financed at least in part by one Hillary Rodham Clinton – and that was not illegal until it became a conspiracy to flash said report in the face of newly elected DJT and thus make the fable a Matter worthy of investigation…and you know the rest (with apology where appropriate) of the story.)

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