“Save Us From The Guns”

Second of a series of “Five Ways To Someday” about The Parkland, Florida, shootings


“Save us from ‘The Guns!'”

shout survivors out of rage:

their pleas pierce no ears,*


  • (There is no rule that the writer must adhere to the demands voiced by his creations.  I personally have qualms about calling any but those intimately involved at the wrong end of a rifle “survivor.”  Those in floors or classrooms or hallways not visited by the perpetrator of this vast and horrific crime, or even in other buildings may be called survivors in only the loosest of terms. Much like unless you were aboard a bombed or strafed ship or ashore or afloat and under the torpedo or the machine cannon fire of a Japanese Mitsubishi Zero fighter at Pearl Harbor or Schofield Barracks or Kaneohe Bay on Oahu one bright and deadly Sunday morning in December of 1941 you are but a victim or a threatened one and not a Pearl Harbor Survivor.  And at Marjorie Stoneman Douglass High School in South Florida there were too many survivors and too many victims.  And too many of the rest of us wonder upon whom we must place The Blame.  That’s all The Nightsoil of a well-fed Male Ox.  But we appellate to too many the term Survivor when victim might be more apropos.  But I digress.  Go on and see what First In The Series says, J. Please.)



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