“Corsicana, Texas, Conundrum”

Which is more bad*?

R!acist ‘rilla or its cage?

Smalltown Blah-ha-ha!


  • (The town of Corsicana(sp?), Texas is embroiled in a brouhaha of its own devising.  I fear it’s city moms and pops are bending to the will of but a few who claim “Gorilla Park” inside city limits is a racist reminder by those dastardly whites instead of what it is – a much-beloved statue cast in a park with other animal figures upon whose arms many of the town’s children of indeterminate ethnicity or lineage used to swing joyfully as they clambered upon the work of art.  Worried that some tykes might hurt themselves, said city wigbigs ensconced Gorilla in a iron-barred zoonish cage.  Now comes over the past more-than-a-few decades a collection of people who notice the canard in the canary’s cage: that a gorilla itself is code for words beginning and apparently ending with but one solitary consonant.  And all that hullabaloo without a banana – or even a stalk of bananas – to prove the point!  Prescient people. Park your prejudices elsewhere.  Return ‘Rilla now! Sans cage.  I suspect – and wonder why not yet its celebre has become a cause or at least a causes belli: it’s the cage with which I find common cause to rile and rue!  Kids need things to climb and things which to fall from and if the town truly trusts its tykes not to bash heads coat the damn thing in a rubberish compound around, say its ankles and spread it out further so to cushion a delighted fall-guy or -gal!  Get me unsick and untired of troops of trolls hunting ever to find a reason to be revolting.)



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