“Aye! And An Unruly Lot They Are, Too!”

(do you know) how much

nuts you have to rob* to get

the ‘theres’ to behave


  • (In the notebook there’s a battle brewing: some of me says go with “rob” but one recalcitrant notes the ‘o’ in “rob” is open slightly at the top.  Oh, which?  The only clue is in the following line…”the theres to behave”  Talk about compounding a conundrum.  And I loaned out my vorpal blade last quarter and shill have yet to see change.

2 thoughts on ““Aye! And An Unruly Lot They Are, Too!”

    • Oh Caloo! Oh, Callay! Thou has added dimensionally to my doldrums dear lady! The Rod, of course, is taking his ease back in Australia as a head-redded (now well white I suspect due to his advanced senior status) left-handed Rocket Rod Laver of much tennis fame and too soon to be triply favored in lucre but since regularly he flies to Jolly Ol’e for cream and strawberries at Wimbledon and New York and rest of The Colony besides, one suspects he might be unwilling to serve as proper “prop” to my poetic conundrum. But I do appreciate past measure, Lady Yassy, your trenchantness and as soon as I get my tongue unstuck from its usual home in left-cheek pocket, I shall apply my ‘iderable talentz to the issue. Now I must go back – since already I have replied to Squire Juice’s query where I hath been all month and checked in with The Lady Wordsmith, I find a fuller month of transcriptions of potential further quagmires and ‘nundrums to attend and their transcriptions await. Exit Stage Keyboard.


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