“Vertical/Short Take-Off, Landing”


pilot, Blue Jay just drops in:

drinks and then takes off!


  • (Unlike many of the birds visiting my baths and spas and divebars scattered throughout the yards, I take particular pleasure in the vertical/short take-off and landing antics of the Blue Jays, who come to drink but as yet never to wade in and splash and cavort.  One Saturday morning came from on-high, flitted through the oak and its entangled Bougainvilla vines still reeling from an earlier freeze but recoving foliage to hide all those eye-popping and finger-squelching thorns without stirring a leaf on the young oak trellis which shades the bottlebrush trees  – more like shrubs on steroids – with a nearly vertical drop and landing on the just-refilled largest of the baths.  Looked at me, cocked its head as if to wonder why the yardman has so much free time, took three long draughts, each punctuated with an upthrust neck and a visible gulping peristalsis-like movement as the water was applied to gullet.  Looked again at me, repeated twice more and then suddenly took wing nearly repeating its landing maneuver.  For thus I happily shall refill thy bowl master Blue.)








“Aye! And An Unruly Lot They Are, Too!”

(do you know) how much

nuts you have to rob* to get

the ‘theres’ to behave


  • (In the notebook there’s a battle brewing: some of me says go with “rob” but one recalcitrant notes the ‘o’ in “rob” is open slightly at the top.  Oh, which?  The only clue is in the following line…”the theres to behave”  Talk about compounding a conundrum.  And I loaned out my vorpal blade last quarter and shill have yet to see change.

“Click & Clack Redux” Tanka 992

listening to two

old men with one safely dead –

radio “Car Talk”


advice* from 10-year-olds spot

worth living long ’nuff to hear


  • (I did not get the show number as one of the two Malggiotzi (sp?) brothers were rebroadcast on National Public Radio Sunday, March 3, 2018,  But I did remember hours later a pair of the items of pontification worthy of our ponder:
  • 1.  Never trust a dog to watch your sandwich
  • 2. Never pull your father’s finger
  • The first from a young man the latter from a superbly squeaky-voiced girl whose rendition evokes an aural remembrance with olfactory overtones.