“I Even Saw Them”

When did ‘The Rock” wash

out of both my parents’ souls*?

Three boys might so do!


  • (I saw them, even, jitterbug that hot Summer night, swingin’ and a-stampin’ to the 1950s beat that maybe was a few years younger: both had smiles I never saw before and the way their fingers touched as they passed in time told me something I would wait decades to understand.  But it did help to explain why we three boys HAD to go to The Ritz all day Saturday – six RC ‘Cola bottle caps – rescued from a nearby gas station dispenser’s box and then a buck – plenty enough for a soda and a treat (often if I didn’t like the movie I’d keep the dollar and go to the library and join up with Glenn and Storm at showtime’s end to trudge the small mile home – safe in those days.)

“My Babe”

L’il Walter, Chess Records.

one Midnight Creeper cheatin’

lyric did Willy, Mike Copy?*


  • (By no means Haiku.  Go ask Willy Wall or Mike Galloway if they copied the name of The Midnight Creepers from L’il Walter of Chess Records’ classic song “My Babe” which included the lyrical tag “Midnight Creeper” if that was the fizzy bottle that launched a welcome one ship into the Central Florida Blues and More night?)