“No Room! No Room! (No Room For An Ambulance)”


middle-prison calls and

and the ‘owners’* just scofflaw

to fill narrow streets


  • (Once again we on Maple Avenue at 18th Street, site of Sanford Middle School, are treated to a gathering at 10 a.m. of thankfully engaged and concerned parents, who fill both sides of our street with cars as they trudge to an assembly in praise of their progeny.  At least most of these same parents park only on one side when school lets out and they pick up the privileged and entitled children – it is a federally situated Magnate School, this former high school/junior high of my own memory when no one not bussed or walked came to learn: now, in order to satisfy federal department of {mis-}Education racial balancing rulings schools throughout our county have become technology, science, arts, etc., Magnate Schools designed to bring in diversity by the car-load.  A fair number of parents have not measured the width of these narrow city streets designed and made in the 1940s and to be charitable the 1950s, whose widths will not allow emergency vehicles – fire trucks and ambulances and even garbage trucks – access or egress with both sides of the road filled with adults’ SUV’s, pickup monster trucks and the occasional small car.  The “one day” mantra is getting old.  The kids – sixth-through-eighth graders – walk the streets since there are no sidewalks, sometimes a few are sullen and refuse to clear a path, and some think having their kid boarded is license to Andretti their way outta there.  Some day.  Somedaysomedaysomeday)

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