gophers ‘grate’ plastic

second-shell curbside temp homes

waitin’ for a ride


  • (Gopher Tortoises (gopherus polyphemus – a species of special concern in Florida – spent the night with me inside my abode – grunting, hissing, scratching and thumping their several displeasures: and in the chill – above 55° Fahrenheit early morning air now are lined in two batches – from two different but nearly adjacent job sites – to await the people who will take them to new home digs miles and miles away – still in the same climate zone – as they were holding up development.  They will like their new 1,3000-± acre home, dedicated to their like without fear of development.  Just not the waypost nor the conveyances ‘twixt there-here-and then-there.  Such is the lot of a gopher tortoise with few to speak its outrage and none listening.)

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