“Tell Me Once Again”

tell me once again

God allows you to love me

from your so-fine suit!*


  • (Recurring visions of television evangelists in $3,000 suits telling me of God’s unconditional love – and theirs, too! – for me. And, the suit added, here’s the convenient telephone number or address for your continued support of this so important ministry.)

Grapefruit juice for Malaria, hapitisis C and weight lose.

But I have been told it is contraindicated for diabetics, which I do not know to be true, but the diabetics in my life assure me it is. I try to eat a whole grapefruit each day in season – Duncan variety, very seedy, uncolored flesh and thin-skinned (which I candy or compost) are especially sweet in the latter two months of their on-tree timeframes (in Central Florida April-May and June. I section and freeze lots during the latter parts of their season and juice a good bit as well, along with Navel and now-rare Orlando Tangelo varieties. All make good additions to salad dressings, seafood and fish ceviche (sp?) preparations and with sour-root oranges and grapefruit peelings season whole smoke-roasted chickens and ducks.


Again I am here with an amazing juice for Malaria, hapitisis c treatment and for weight lose as well. Have you ever ate grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice? If yes, so you will know that the taste of grapefruit is sweet and sour and somehow we can say the taste of grapefruit is bittersweet but don’t worry guys after reading this blog I bet you will start liking this poor fruit because it has a lot of health benefits but I am defining some of them.

As we all know that all our body system and process required water,so grapefruit is rich in water it is higher water provider and contents of any fruit. Grapefruit provide us 92% of water and that make it good from over health proper hydration makes our body more efficient in everyone. As our body need a good amount of water for servive daily. If…

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I am the parent

I warned me about – lovestuck

and old-fear floated


  • (I worte this at 5:55 a.m. – awakened several times from 5:30 a.m. onward and I did promise to commit the haiku to memory as I reclined again to my repose – then the cell phone alarm – which I had forgotten to silence – came aboard to chime in, and it was too far and too insistent to ignore.  So I scribbled in the dark with the light of a one-diode “Sidewinder” handcrankcharger.  I had time to grab my glasses, the pen and notebook and the radio alarm began telling me to get off my dying ass and onto my lazy worn-out feet and do something constructive.  Hope you are satisfied.  Later, I napped.)

“All These Are ‘Givens’ And So…”

Given: Generals

are crazy; Colonels, pissy;*

so Sergeants eat shit!


  • (Fill in the appropriate descriptive for each descending rank through both Private and most importantly Recruit, and you have a lot of proven ‘Givens.’  But for this exercise three are enough.  No doubt the Sergeant will find someone to share – all! – his meal, but be assured should something go amiss, neither the private or recruit nor the General will find succor in the Sergeant’s glare because he (now: or she!) knows the flowing downhill model works only to Echo-Five and all else below doesn’t even ken the possibility of a shitless existence.)


gophers ‘grate’ plastic

second-shell curbside temp homes

waitin’ for a ride


  • (Gopher Tortoises (gopherus polyphemus – a species of special concern in Florida – spent the night with me inside my abode – grunting, hissing, scratching and thumping their several displeasures: and in the chill – above 55° Fahrenheit early morning air now are lined in two batches – from two different but nearly adjacent job sites – to await the people who will take them to new home digs miles and miles away – still in the same climate zone – as they were holding up development.  They will like their new 1,3000-± acre home, dedicated to their like without fear of development.  Just not the waypost nor the conveyances ‘twixt there-here-and then-there.  Such is the lot of a gopher tortoise with few to speak its outrage and none listening.)