“Hannity Struggles Through The Tears*”

Sean’s saintood-struggle

shows the danger of swimmin’

through crocodile tears!


  • (Not just Sean Hannity, but many in the alternative talk-show radio media have a habit of self-promotion sometimes bordering on the too-much, but I’ll take that – and Rush, too! – over the tearful crocks of dial-a-tear mainstream media gleefully misrepresenting – and sometimes fabricating – The Conservative, The Right and. yes, The Republican positions they find so offensive: like respect for legal immigration and denouncement of the actual, legal, term Illegal Aliens they have cowed even the most stanch of legal immigration supporters in public life into calling undocumented immigrants or even – gasp! – illegal immigrants, not to mention the too-many-to-list other sins of The Right.  And to think these terms, Left and Right, came about because of where some elements of the Estates sat in judgement and counsel after the fall of French Reign.)

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