“Every Age”*

Every Age its pain;

Every Place its mute horrors:

Yet, both yield flowers!


  • (A 4:22 a.m. awakening forced me to pen and notebook for this.  I tried twice – earlier – to put it off: it was freezing outside and not much better inside, and I made a solemn vow “I will remember and write it down after the sun stirs my bones.” Wouldn’t listen; wouldn’t take that lame promise – again – the pregnant phrases wormed over three full pages, written by the light of a one-diode Sidewinder handcrank phone-charger (which fits not any phone I know but provides a winderful** spotlight for midnight excursions for cookies-n-milk or even an insistent haiku wanting its page-time.  I tried – twice – to edit “winderful** spotlight…” but the newly coigned word kept insisting.  Worse than small dogs, I tells ya! Poems! Baah! Humbug!)

“Hannity Struggles Through The Tears*”

Sean’s saintood-struggle

shows the danger of swimmin’

through crocodile tears!


  • (Not just Sean Hannity, but many in the alternative talk-show radio media have a habit of self-promotion sometimes bordering on the too-much, but I’ll take that – and Rush, too! – over the tearful crocks of dial-a-tear mainstream media gleefully misrepresenting – and sometimes fabricating – The Conservative, The Right and. yes, The Republican positions they find so offensive: like respect for legal immigration and denouncement of the actual, legal, term Illegal Aliens they have cowed even the most stanch of legal immigration supporters in public life into calling undocumented immigrants or even – gasp! – illegal immigrants, not to mention the too-many-to-list other sins of The Right.  And to think these terms, Left and Right, came about because of where some elements of the Estates sat in judgement and counsel after the fall of French Reign.)

Questions Answered Before Asked

He’s just too late for early on-set alzheimer’s Mizz Dumbass ‘porter!* (To the too-cute reporter asking The Admiral Doctor who administered both a physical exam and a cognitive test to President Donald J. Trump if the doctor noticed signs of early-onset Allzheimer’s Disease or even Dementia just after the doctor who was also White […]

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“Just A Mile Away”

Sanford airport said

twenty-seven froze degrees:

here, I check. No ice!*


  • (But that afternoon I go check on the sweet potato bucket farms and notice the upended garbage-can impromptu birdbath has one-quarter inch of ice floating as a unified foe above a very cold lake.  No other ice on similar solid – or extemporaneous – such bird-pool on the other three cardinal points of the house.  The Florida native “Sleeping Hibiscus” cuss me as I walk the northern border and witness their dire straits: they will require much surgery and I will compost them under a tall hedge.  Some of the ‘biscus shoots o’er-topped the Bald Cypress youth on that North side, just past the 10-foot marker of the rooftop.)