“Now I Know Why I Got Two!”

My Balky Bose pouts

silently as backup subs:

with two games to go!*


  • (The radio settles the dispute: do I watch or listen?  Now, the newer Bose skitters and confusingly flashes “Please Wait” messages when I want ESPN radio for University of Central Florida’s bashing of Auburn – and later a pair of a pair of pro football games I no longer will watch in kneefull protest but have dispensated me to listen-only duty.  So, I troll the back hallway to the second spare room wherein lies the older Wave model Bose AM-FM CD Aux with all kinds of faluting fobberies, including touch-buttons optional instead of the newer remote-only capabilities – and the flashier newer remote takes AAA batteries and has so many buttons I wanna wear it as a shirt and not just use as an alternative cussin’ device.  A quick outlet plugin and we are listening.  Now, to go fish up its own small – hearing-aid battery operated remote – to go through the chore of telling Old Man Bose what I wanna hear now.  Here! Now! Damnearmissedkickoff! Of course, I coulda used the Sangean which was set for Weather Radio, but where’s the fun in that.  The other two weather radios are windups – with spare ‘lectric  AND batteries, too! – but I don wanna move them at all.  Oh, yeah: there’s a Sony pocket AM-FM-Weather radio that is the size of a deck of cards cut horizontally that fits a shirt pocket wonderfully.  And two more portable/stationary capable weather radio sets with all the gee-gaws floating around here summwheres. Thank you Marconi. You, too, Morse.)

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