“An Immodest Proposal*”

“Nextuary” – choice

for new thirteenth month decreed

‘twixt them two ‘firsters!


  • (With no apologies to one J. Swift, I find the concept of thirteen months – with no regularity in their lengths if possible – fascinating.  I wanted Nextuary not in the middle – between January and its laggard lopsided February, but trailing. Alas, the count – and surely the amount – forced its interior placement.  March has a lot of pull, apparently, and insisted it not be linked with such foolishness.  And April is stolid? Methinks not!  But that’s for another tilt as soon as Sancho fixes the last wind turbine!)

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      • You are three much. Once I said “Dang” in the presence of Ronnie Risner’s mom – they lived across the alley from us – in her kitchen while awaiting my chum to go play some baseball. Mrs. Risner looked at me sharply: “:J” she said, reprovingly in tone and demeanorous look, “Don’t say that word. Use ‘Darn’ instead.” I smiled, nodded and before I could bite it back, asked: “But, Mrs. Risner, don’t they both mean Damn?” Bear 60 years later she remembered that short passage. I was, I think, twelve at the time.

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      • More like moved off Hell’s High Mountain to mingle with the morally uprightly intollerant. Once got my pastor to tell me how he said goddamitsonofabitch: Reverend Goerss said: “I just say GotDandruff AndSomeOfItItches!” to which I innocently not-at-all supplied: “But, Pastor, the difference is lost in the translation, no?” He was unamused. My confirmation verse – And You Shall Know The Truth And The Truth Shall Make You Free was the same gospel lesson that Confirmation Sunday. Since, I have slipped so far.

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