“What!? No Cream?!”

wild blueberry soup:

little lemon, cinnamon,

honey on shortbread*


  • (I was gifted a three-pound bag of frozen wild Maine blueberries.  Some went to cereal. Some to pancakes or just finished beating the whites – separate of course from the yolks waffles – which now sleep in the fridge for a super supper with fried chicken and real waffles and realer Grade B maple syrup and unsalted butter, some to a pineapple-orange-yogurt-n-‘nanner smoothie but a good pound and more went through the blender, joined some freshly burred cinnamon stick, some lemon gratings and fresh juice and just enough honey to make me guilty for – oh – three seconds or so soup into which a floated some blueberry scones.  I guilt easily but make up for it by a quick spoon of blue forgiveness.)

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