“A SchoolMom* Helps Out”

Just pitch your dead butts

out your car window, dearie!

My street loves litter!


  • (Just before picking up her walking treasure at the local middle school prison, this mom unrolls – but barely – her driver’ side window and tosses her now-consumed cigarette butt out the window right opposite from where I sit and read minutes before the inmates are released into the custody of their owners.  Why the lady did not air-out her massive SUV which would have given a Conestoga Wagon The Hives by dropping all the windows all the way is beyond me.  Maybe she couldn’t smell the pollution she was soon going to give junior? I dunno.)

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    • I get all the Horror Film I need Monday thru Friday. At least the city put up – yep! ignored! – No Parking On Sidewalk! No pick-up or Dropoff! signage. Yet these intrepid drivers – many of who send their kids to this science&technology “Magnate” Middle School from throughout the county (in response to US DOE pressure from decades-ago footdragging on “Integration,” so we still fight court orders, and Sanford is the dumping ground for high school, middle- and elementary-school magnet programs designed to get more White (funny, most if not all look pink to me, not White) kids to come to muchly-Black (same condition as above obtains: too few dark brown and none actually Black so the differences baffle me) areas of the county. Sanford is at best guess these days still around 40 percent so-called Black with a sizable slice of Hispanic and Asian and a decided dimunition of paler faces. But we have had – and fortunately for those in charge they have sufficient melanin-enhanced enrollment, some say because basketball- and football-loving parents and sponsors like to win, too – a decidely strong crop of church-and secular private schools expanded into the perceived market for high school academics and athletics among their main selling points. In the 70s it was White Flight. By the 90s those smaller schools grew bigger and wanted full-scale athletics. And forget ever I said this, please, pappa and momma want to cheer winners in some cases as mommas and poppas want to get their kids out of public institutions anywhichway they can, even though in Seminole County, Florida mostly the local public pris…oops, schools, are among the state’s better scoring schools…though they do tend to diminish the difficulty-levels in grading the schools every so often, no? Thus endeth the diatribe: there will be no collection.


    • I have not forgotten The Zebra Flutterby Project, Yassy. Just too many and too few minutes (ok, hours) and a 30-degree Saturday for which to prepare (night, that is) hoping for rain soon. Got new batch of flalsh cards, thumb drives to peruse for flybyflutters of Zebra Nation.

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