7 thoughts on “1180

  1. Actually, Yassy, I did not read the interrogative beginning of your comment: And, I failed to go back to read the comment when there was no question mark at its end. I do apologize for getting huffy, dear lady, but the continued references to BruceJ or JBruce being the same person sometimes grates. I do not mind the occasional “Brucey” or even the less-often “Richy” but our writings are so dissimilar – at least to me – and our politics certainly are distinctly different. Whenever I feel I have come close to a Bruce Jewett haiku – and some very few times he acknowledges my work – I stay pleased for days, much like a comment from you, Lord Zoolon or MET and some others whose writing wrings grins from me with absolute joy. But, to reiterate: Your Ladyship: I am J Kirk Richards and none other. I will let BC tell you his name if you so desire.


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