“The Neighbors Boggle”

The neighbors boggle –

beach sandals, shorts, long-sleeve tee:

search for tell-tale ice!*


  • (The thermometer read 30º Fahrenheit.  I saw one man crawl into his truck, layered in three jackets and sweatpants over jeans with gloves and watchcap and hoodie – and there I was bare-toed and tee-shirted sticking my bare hands into buckets of water left to tell the tale of the ice that should have formed.  That ‘mometer lies!  In 1971, fresh from six months of Naval Hospital ward-ship after nearly a year of tropical delights in Vietnam, I welcomed the Winter by starting my new VW Bug early each pre-dawn morning wearing flip-flops, a tee shirt and skivvie shorts.  Them Florida Boys sure am somethin’, huh? Finally told one neighbor there on 51st and Pine where I lived prior to Florida: Newfoundland!  That explains the drinking, he laughed!)

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