“Quesedilla Gone”

Quesedilla gone

but oh, so good with cold beer

and The Knights’* hot win!


  • (University of Central Florida became the only undefeated – regular- and post-season – in football Monday last with its defeat of Auburn, 34-27, in The Peach Bowl in Atlanta, Georgia.  Yeah, Monday next Alabama and Georgia will duel to deliver the mythic championship of The Nation glorified but The Knights done did the impossible going 13-0 with its win over those two teams other Southeastern Conference foe Auburn.  The Tigers of The Plains – War Eagle! – had previously bested both Alabama and Georgia, if memory serves, earlier this season.  So? Does that make UCF – thenation’s fourth – or second? – largest school in these here United States of collegiate football playing unsanity the real and only National Champeens?  Disney is throwing UCF a parade Saturday and Orlando will follow suit soon thereafter.)

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